What’s on the menu?

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The only thing a dog loves (almost) as much as you is TREATS! This custom birthday cake is the ultimate way to spoil them on their special day.

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Reward your dog for good behaviour with the best reward of all – these homemade, nutritious & delicious training treats.

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Back to the classics with a quality all-natural dog bone from the Bone Bar! Custom text or created for the season, these are always a hit.


All treats are made with coconut flour, egg, honey & coconut oil. Depending on the flavour, certain all natural fruits, veggies & proteins are then added. ALL doggie treats are gluten-free!


I’m Madison!

I’m the owner and creator of 2 Paws Up.

The idea for 2 Paws Up was born in 2016 after my mom bought our family a golden retriever puppy for Christmas. We named him Cooper. He’s the most wonderful dog ever. I wanted Cooper to be able to enjoy some tasty dog treats that are also healthy. So my idea came to me… why not make my own dog treats out of all natural ingredients?

I’ve always loved to bake so this was a very exciting idea. I pretty much took over my mom’s kitchen and began baking lots of dog treats and cupcakes and other goodies for Cooper. Soon I realized how much Cooper was enjoying my healthy dog treats and I wanted other dogs to enjoy them as well.

So, with the help of my brother and my mom, we packaged up some of my dog treats and went to my very first event at the Doggy Expo. As a vendor, I showcased my dog treats to lots of doggies and their humans. My dog treats were a HUGE hit.

I am so excited and proud to be a young entrepreneur and hope to motivate other kids to take their ideas and make their dreams come true!


We’re hitting the streets!

Look out for our eye-catching, dog stopping…


With so many dogs and their humans enjoying the great outdoors, we decided to take the treats directly to them. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on where we’ll be parked next.

Collaborate With 2 Paws Up



A portion of sales goes to local dog & cat rescues in our community. Donated to Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue, PAWSabilities Rescue, NS SPCA, Marley’s Hope Dog Rescue & more.



We have partnered with Health Mutts as a supplier for all freeze-dried fruits, veggies & proteins! They bring amazing new flavours to our treats including Chicken, Duck, Turkey liver, Mutton/Goat/Tripe, Beef heart, Beef liver & Goat’s milk.



Four Points Sheraton in Halifax allows dogs! If you stay here with your dog you can also receive 2 Paws Up dog treats to spoil them on your holiday.



We would love to work with you at your next event to create custom branded dog treats with YOUR logo in any quantity.

Dogs & Humans

I can't say enough about this young woman and the 2 Paws Up brand. The treats are so fun and yummy (my pup loves them) and made with wholesome ingredients, nothing artificial (so I love them too!). In addition, she donates to shelters and pet organizations in need. I applaud this entrepreneurial spirit and desire to help others. Keep on doing what you're doing!

Yvette Finstad

June 2018

We purchased a cake for our boys 11th birthday and between him and his brother it was gobbled up in minutes! Huge hit and fantastic customer service, we especially loved the handwritten card wishing him a Happy Birthday.

Stephanie Royer

June 2018

The monthly treat box came today. It looks beautiful and the dogs love your healthy treats. I am sure that they will look forward to their next box next month!!!

Marian Waltman-du Pon

April 2018

Saw these guys at the all about pets show yesterday. Very impressed with the quality of their product…you can tell immediately that they take a lot of care in their product. Beautiful biscuits!!

Keith Morrison

March 2018

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Please feel welcome to reach out whether you’re interested in a custom dog treat order, want to discuss collaborating or have any other questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!