We Create So You Can Celebrate

Quality dog treats and a healthy product. Safe for your dogs to eat. We use fresh, all natural products with no preservatives or sugar.

Happy Barkday!

We have 2 Birthday packages.
Each include a birthday cake and birthday hat and dog treat bag for the dog of honor.

Pets Make Our Lives Better

Our passion is to create custom dog cakes for your loveable dog to celebrate their special day with their families.

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Birthday Packages

Each package includes a birthday cake, a birthday hat, and dog treat bag for the dog of honor. You can add a large treat bag for a discount to share at daycare or with friends or keep for your doggy.


Healthy Dog Treats

We create quality, healthy treats that are safe for your dogs to eat. As dog owners, we care about dogs and what treats they are given. We use fresh, all-natural products.

Treat Truck

Dog Treat Truck

Our pink, adorable Dog Treat Truck always gets a big reaction. Our golden retriever Cooper is often staring out of our take-out window to look for pets from passerby’s.

About US

2 Paws Up is a Dog Treat Bakery located in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.

The idea for 2 Paws Up was born in 2016 after our family got a golden retriever puppy for Christmas. We named him Cooper. We wanted Cooper to be able to enjoy some tasty dog treats that were also healthy. So, an idea came to us: why not make our own dog treats out of all natural ingredients?

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Ready To Make Your Dog's Day?

If your dog can't get enough of our 2 Paws Up treats


Hear from some of our customers about our healthy dog-treats and products!

We Are Here For Your Pup

Looking for a custom order? Want to make your dog’s birthday even more special?
Reach out – we’d love to help!